1: Drug Rehabilitation Training

Drug Rehabilitation Training

of Hanoi.  Many of the pastors who are serving in the community today are former addicts whose faith played a crucial part in freeing them from their addiction. Now saved themselves, they have gone on to open their own rehabilitation centers, providing help and care for addicts in the city.

This Spring, the Love in Action committee began hosting dialogues with the leaders of these centers to discuss their needs and hopes for the future of their programs. Many of these centers have gained great recognition for the care provided to their clients, however many of them still lack the access to training and government authorization. In response to this, Love in Action reached out to the U.S. Embassy’s Department of Health and Human Resources to develop a partnership with the centers.

In October members from HIF met with Embassy Representative Nadine Rogers and her team to visit centers in the city and better understand their situation and challenges.  Earlier this month Love in Action hosted a training seminar provided by Ms. Rogers’ team with members from all of the centers in attendance regarding the issues of abuse and strategies for treatment.

This seminar was just the first step that is opening up a new relationship for the US Embassy and the centers to partner together to help provide the leaders with certification and recognition from local government leaders.