African Fellowship Easter Celebration

The African Fellowship meets again this Sunday at 6PM at the HIF Center Detech. Its an Easter celebration altogether with joyous praise, food, games and of course the sharing of God’s word. Our African brothers and sisters have continuously and faithfully meet every month..

Scatter Global Seminar

Whether you live and work in New York, Riyadh, Hanoi, or Tashkent, we are all called to – and more importantly – created for the purposes of God. What are God’s purposes for our life? Uniquely fashioned with every skill, natural ability, interest and passion, the Creator carefully crafted his image-bearers to cultivate, care, and…

Baptism on Easter Sunday!

There will be BAPTISM this Sunday after the 11AM service. Join us for the baptism of our brothers and sisters who made a commitment to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – 17th April on the grounds of the Detech Tower. Further details will be given during the services.