KidzQuest is a Sunday morning program for children ages 3-12. It is held during the school year (September-May) at 9:00am in My Dinh and at 10:30am in West Lake. Beginning in September 2015, KidzQuest will be using a new curriculum called The Gospel Project for Kids. Children will be learning the whole story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
They will trace the good news of God’s love and salvation through promises and prophesy to fulfillment in Jesus.

Each week children gather with their families in the morning service for worship. After they are released to KidzQuest, they continue to sing songs and pray together. This is followed by a story, simple lessons, crafts, games, and other activities. Most weeks, children come to KidzQuest from four or more countries speaking as many different languages. We are grateful for this glimpse of the diversity of God’s people.

While the program is run in English, we welcome all children to participate. If your child speaks limited English, please let a teacher or coordinator know in advance. You may be asked to stay with your child for a few weeks until he or she is comfortable.

We look forward to partnering with you as parents to help your children grow in love of Christ, knowledge of Scripture, and faith-prompted obedience to God.

The KidzQuest Coordinator Team